Newspaper Sales Dive Enters 8th Straight Year
As digital advertising sales soared 18% to a record high in the first six months of this year, the revenues of the publicly traded newspaper companies slipped an average of 5.5% to enter an eighth year of unabated decline
Third of Millennials Watch Mostly Online video or no Broadcast TV
Thirty-four percent of millennials surveyed watch mostly online video or no broadcast television
Online Video Ad Revenue Is Up 24% In The Past Year
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released
its Internet Revenue Advertising Report for the first half
of 2013. Among other findings, the reports concluded
that online ad video revenue is up 24% over the
same time frame last year
Why Online Video Advertising Is Giving TV A Run For Its Money
The market for video ads is soaring with approximately
58 percent of the U.S. population watching streaming media
Time Warner Cable lost 306,000 TV subscribers
Time Warner Cable reported the steepest quarterly loss of television subscribers in its history
Online Video Watching
And Sharing Surges

Since 2009, the percentage of adults watching
or downloading online videos has gone up
from 69% to 78%
Forrester Research projects a 26% compound annual growth rate for online video advertising over the next four years
Internet Kills the Video Store
Blockbuster, Outdone by Netflix, Will Shut Its Stores and
DVD Mail Service
Nexstar to Acquire Seven Grant TV Stations For $87.5 Million
In the first twelve months following the closing of the
transaction, the acquired stations are expected to
generate between $18 million and $19 million in
additional earnings
Sinclair Broadcast Group
to Purchase Nine TV Stations From Allbritton Communications For $985 Million
Internet/Mobile HDTV Stations Made To Order. Each station is an Internet based television broadcast system designed to send high definition video presentations to smartphones, tablets, computers, and digital television sets.
Video Accounts For 53
Percent of Internet traffic

Netflix represents one-third of all downstream traffic,
followed by YouTube with 18 percent
Smartphones seen tripling to 5.6 billion by 2019
Ericsson says annual smartphone traffic would hit 10 billion gigabytes by 2019, with videos representing some 50 percent of all data traffic
"The world is moving from linear tv to Internet tv"
~ Netflix CEO, Reed Hasting
Couric leaving ABC for Yahoo
Yahoo on Monday confirmed that top broadcaster Katie Couric is leaving ABC News to join the Silicon Valley tech company as its global anchor
Rockefeller announces online video bill
Rockefeller drew a parallel between the growth of online video providers today and the growth of satellite providers in the 1990s
Drop us a line to learn how you can establish a station in your area.
Mobile video spikes 133%
in 12 months

Consumers are increasingly turning to mobile phones
and tablets as first-screen devices
YouTube advertising revenue surges 50% to $5.6bn
More than 50 per cent on the previous year, according to a report that underlines a shift away from traditional television ads
Hulu Now A $1 Billion Company
43 percent jump in receipts for the subscription and ad-funded streaming video content company
NPR's $10 Million Digital Bet
NPR is putting nearly $10 million toward the creation of a new Web and mobile platform due out in 2014
Mobile now accounts for more than 22% of all US digital ad spending, compared with less than 3% in 2010. US mobile ad spending is expected to near $9.6 billion in 2013 and account for a whopping 22.5% of all digital ad investments, according to new figures from eMarketer.
FCC Approves Gannett-Belo
$1.5 Billion Gannett-Belo Deal Would Affect
20 Stations in 15 Markets
FCC approves Tribune Co. purchase of 16 stations from Local TV
Tribune's collection of TV stations will nearly double in size with the $2.7-billion acquisition of the new stations
Internet ad revenue surpasses TV in the US. For the first time, U.S. Internet advertising revenue has surpassed that of broadcast television thanks to sharp growth in mobile and digital video ads.
CNN Digital Studios’ Creating Short-Form Video Aimed at Mobile. “We are targeting the mobile and social generation,” said Chris Berend, CNN’s vice president for Video Content Development.
Study: 80% of Mobile Searches Result in a Purchase
TV Ad Dollars Slowly Shifting to Web Video. Increasing Portion of Broadcast and Cable Budgets Follow Younger Audience Online